Micro-trends? When (and when not) to make a microsite. "Should I make a microsite?" This is the question a web manager recently asked of me. Well, possibly, maybe...but only if it is for one of the following reasons: 1. For a marketing campaign 2. For targeting content at a specific user group 3. As a temporary repository for extra content Read my posting about 'Microsites' on the iQ Content blog
Webmasters! Feeling ignored, undervalued or downhearted? A photo of a joyous man with arms raised in happinessFret no longer. Max Ehrmann's famous motivational poem "Desiderata", has been rewritten - just for you! Use it as a source of inspiration and hope for rebuilding a sense of belief in yourself. For as the text says... "Your site is a child of Berners-Lee, No less than YouTube and Facebook; You have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, No doubt your online objectives are unfolding as they should." Read 'Desiderata - for webmasters'
An image of the cover of The Website Manager's Handbook'Happy Content Manager' reviews my book "Reading The Website Manager’s Handbook is therefore highly recommended for professionals. But they should also recommend it to their managers to help them to get a good overview of what managing a website involves." Thanks Raphaele! You have excellent taste!
Another new Content Format. Thanks Adobe! As soon as I finished writing about the growing diversity of web content formats, what happens? Adobe go and release another new technology! Called the Adobe Media Player, according to Melissa Webster, an analyst at Framingham, Mass.-based IDC "it will will fill a hole in the company's so-called rich Internet application (RIA) strategy"*. Of course, it means that we - the humble Website Manager - must decide what role it could/should play on our sites. Do we continue to deliver video via QuickTime, Media Player or RealPlayer or shift to this new option? My advice is to wait and see what impact it makes. *ComputerWorld. "Adobe releases media player beta, boosts business tools" Elizabeth Montalbano and Eric Lai. 4/10/07
Pastures New - Shane Diffily departs ESB to join iQ Content In mid-September I joined one of Europe's leading web consultancies, iQ Content, as a Senior Analyst. It was a tough decision to leave my job in ESB, where I worked as Corporate Webmaster for nearly 5 years. During my time there I was fortunate enough to work with some highly skilled people, from whom I learned a tremendous amount. However, the chance to work with a firm of the reputation of iQ Content was not to be missed. I felt I had to take this opportunity when it arose. So, while I must bid a fond farewell to my friends in ESB, I can also say a big "hello" to my new colleagues! Find out more about IQContent. (As a result of my move, many of my future blog entries will be made to the iQ Blog.)