Post-Boot Camp

A photo of a pint of Guinness At 4.50pm yesterday - just 10 minutes from the end of Boot Camp '08 - a massive power outage struck south Dublin. Despite the sudden loss of lighting and overhead projectors, our resouceful iQ presenters managed to wrap up successfully. Drinks in the Long Hall and Hogan's pubs then helped to soothe my throat - sore as it was after 8 hours of lecturing. Read all blog postings from iQ Boot Camp '08

Boot Camp faoi lan seol

Which means, Boot Camp is well underway. Keep up-to-date with regular blog entries at the iQ Blog. Brian at Boot Camp A photo of Brian delivering his course Elizabeth at Boot Camp A photo of Elizabeth McGuane at Boot Camp

iQ Boot Camp 2008 begins iQ Boot Camp 2008 begins tomorrow in the SAS Radisson in Dublin. While my colleagues apply a final polish to their presentations, here are some thoughts on what you can expect if you come along. Read the full post on the iQ blog
20% discount on iQ Web Boot Camp With a only few days (& places) left, the powers that be up at iQ Towers have decided to spread a little love. I can now offer readers of this website a 20% discount on Boot Camp attendance! To use the discount, email me and I'll send you the booking code. This year I'll be presenting on (my fave) Web Governance and Web Content Strategy. So, don't miss the boat. Contact me now and you can then get me a drink at the "Après Boot" event next Wednesday.
Web Governance at iQ Web BootCamp 2008 Shoestring budgets, ad-hoc administration and insufficient support. Sound familiar? A photo of a girl lying on grass. This is the marketing image for iQ BootCamp 2008 Too many websites and intranets fail because the management systems on which they rely are totally inadequate. It is almost as if they were supposed to runs on fresh air! This is no longer good enough. If your website is going to succeed you need to create a robust and sustained approach to governance. I will be presenting on this topic at the iQ BootCamp in late April. What I’ll be covering
  • What web governance really means.
  • Why governance is so poor on many websites and intranets.
  • How to recognise a site with poor governance.
  • The activities of successful governance.
  • Finding the right balance – enforcement versus persuasion.
  • What’s happening outside your organisation and how it can affect your governance approach, e.g. the law, new technology.
What you'll get out of it? After attending this course, you will:
  1. Have a practical model for managing a successful website.
  2. Be able to evaluate the suitability of your existing governance systems.
  3. Know what governance model works best for your website.
  4. Know the responsibilities and activities of governance and how to do them.
  5. Know the people, processes and structures you need to manage your site.