3 Steps to Healthcheck your Web Governance!

Sick with worry about your Web Governance? Popping pills to get some sleep at night? 

Many Web Teams are working through periods of heightened conflict as the legacy of historic mismanagement is finally exposed and put right.  

So, if you find yourself in a Web Team-cum-warzone, don't be too down hearted. Use this 3-Step Web Governance Healthcheck to diagnose whether your Governance systems are fit for purpose - or in need of urgent treatment.

The 3 steps of the Healthcheck are:
  1. Establish the Scale of your Site.
  2. Audit the Activities of Governance.
  3. Audit the Resources of Governance.
The aim is to help you assess whether the essential Activities of Governance are being carried out to the level of granularity & quality required for your site, and whether these Activities are supported with the right level of resourcing.

This will enable you to set a baseline for making things better, so we can all start to move away from the sudden, enforced changes that are currently so common.

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