Roles & Responsibilities on a Web Team

On a Web Team where everyone knows what they should (& should not) be doing, all tasks have a go-to-guy and nobody has to worry about stepping on a colleague's toes.

If only all teams were like this!

In my most recent article you can find out how to achieve the 'industrial peace' that clearly defined Roles & Responsibilities can bring. This includes detailed descriptions for...
  • Senior Management Team
  • Web Steering Group
  • Web Manager
  • Content Producer
  • Designer
  • Developer
Read more at Roles & Responsibilities on a Web Team.

An image of a Mid-Large scale Web Team

Slideshow summary of Web Governance Model

Recently, I had a very interesting hour-long chat with Ron Rogowski from Forrester Research.

I have been a reader of Forrester web reports since my days as Corporate Webmaster with ESB (many by Ron himself). So it was with childish excitement that I was asked to contribute to a new research paper they are doing on Digital Governance.

It's also kinda ironic because way back in the mid-2000s I trawled through Forrester's reports on governance many times, some of which were eventually referenced in The Website Manager's Handbook. (See photo for an example of a very lengthy signed permission I had to apply for!)

So here we are. Full circle.

Anyway, I put a few slides together for Ron that describe my Model of Web Governance. Seeing as they are not secret, I am publishing them here too.