Better usability, less crime

Some invest in usability to earn more money. Some to reduce cost. Some to improve communication.
A bit of investment in this area from An Garda Síochána could help reduce crime
"While the Garda’s computer database, Pulse, was full of information, the data was often difficult to access and the system was not 'user-friendly'. 
...[A] police force should not need to wait for crime trends, including gangland, to develop over long periods before they are identified." 
Factna, we are ready and willing to help when called on (with your website too!)
(Extract from "Gardaí need better technology - O'Toole" Jan. 15th, 2008. Copyright The Irish Times.)

Uaigheanna Oileáin Uaighe

Thar Nollaig, chaitheas tamaill i dTír Chonaill ag stopadh i dteach mo shinsearach. Aimsir gheal, fhuar, chiúin, tirim a bhí ann. Buíochas le Dia ní raibh an t-aigean ró-gharbh. 
Mar sin, chuas amach lá amhain - ar bhád uncail liom -  go hOileán Uaigh. Tá an t-oilean sin gar linn le h- uaigheanna iontacha móra deasa. Thogais cupla mir fiseain le mo mhobile (thios).  

And now over to our expert commentator ...

Speaking in reaction to the launch, blogger Shane Diffily commented: 
"Irish banks tend to be very conservative, introverted and secretive. In contrast, Rabo seems to understand that openness works. People trust an organisation that trusts itself to talk openly on the Web - and to take criticism."