Get 3 things right & you can stop worrying about web governance

Web Governance is a system for managing online in a controlled & orderly way.

For a large and ambitious web presence, 3 critical factors will determine whether your governance system will work:

1. Vision
First, you must commit to governance as a distinct discipline and provide the leadership to make it work. For example, this includes defining clear roles, responsibilities & decision making authority.

2. Balance
Second, you must equip your team with the resources needed to maintain quality, even as scale grows. For example, this includes acquiring the tools, skills & staff needed for online management.

3. Convergence
Third, you must deliver on the “better world” scenario of an improved web presence by involving the rest of your staff in the change. For example, this includes sharing the tools & training they need to maintain their content.

Get these 3 things right and you can stop worrying about administrative conflicts or an inability to get necessary things done online.

Instead, you can focus attention on pursuing your goals and take operational stability for granted.

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