Funds and financing for start-ups in Ireland

Some moons ago, I ran a small company (a 'start-up' as they tend to be called). It didn't work out - but I learned a lot. 

Over its lifetime, I built a list of funds, financing and other supports available in Ireland. This includes from local government, state agencies, angel funds, seed funds, P2P, crowdfunding, debt funding, etc.

Download the list

I have been meaning to share this list for a looonnng time. Admittedly the information is a few years old now, bit may still be useful to someone starting out. So here it is - finally.

Among the sources listed are:

Money in a bucketLocal Enterprise Office

  • Priming Grant
  • Feasibility Grants
  • Business Expansion Grants
  • First Time Exporter’s Grant

Enterprise Ireland

  • Competitive Start Fund
  • Innovation voucher
  • Innovation Partnership Grant Programme
  • HPSU Feasibility Study Grant
  • Innovative HPSU Fund (Equity)

InterTrade Ireland

  • SeedCorn
  • Acumen
  • Elevate
  • Trade accelerator vouchers


  • SURE tax back
  • R&D tax credits
  • Tax relief for StartUps
  • Exemption from VAT register
  • Use of the cash basis of accounting for VAT
  • Deferral of the Corporation Tax preliminary due date
  • EIS Scheme
  • Start Your Own Business Relief

Department of Social Protection

  • Jobs Plus
  • Wage Subsidy

As noted above, the information is a few years old. No doubt things have changed, especially in light of the pandemic. More supports may be available, so please conduct your own research and due diligence.

Ádh mór ort!

(Image credit: FoodImage on Flickr. Creative Commons.)