GA4 is looming as a 'Great Filter' - and many web teams won't make it to the other side

A drawing of a guillotine against the backdrop of an email about GA4

GA4 will be a 'Great Filter' for web.

It requires a level of expertise that many institutions simply don't have. Come July, they will crash and burn.

The best thing they can probably do is to switch to a much simpler analytics tool. Statcounter, Matomo et al - this could be your moment!

Let's be honest with ourselves.

Most institutions never used data from Google Analytics in a meaningful way anyhow. Beyond some (often misleading) page view stats, the vast power of GA Universal was never tapped.

So why bother with GA4? It's a huge and unnecessary operational burden.

Simpler will be better.

Yes, there will be denial, tears and gnashing-of-teeth but the writing has been on the wall a long time.

Web teams are in penury.

Without massive investment in skills and manpower, the expansive expectations of senior stakeholders just can't be met.

For many, the looming failure of GA4 is just a symptom of this.


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