'Sleeping in your car?' Web teams are in penury and that's no accident.

Man sleeping an old car

You might know the story.

You are introduced to someone at a party.

They are very engaging, seem amazingly successful and drive an immaculate car.

Only later do you discover that they regularly sleep in that car and the tank is usually empty.

The car looks great because it's all they have - and they work very hard to keep up appearances.

It's a wretched state to be in.

In a strange parallel, the situation for many web teams is the same.

You probably agree that most government and institutional websites look great.

They have slick designs, beautiful images and gorgeous, florid "about us" text.

At first glance they seem amazing!

Only later do you discover that's all they have. There is nothing else.

It's almost impossible to do anything useful with them.

Their web teams are in penury. There is no budget for meaningful development.

The tank is empty.


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