iQ present IIA Net Visionary Award

iQ Towers was all but deserted last night. Everyone was at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham to attend the annual IIA Net Visionary Awards. In the wonderful surrounds of the great banqueting hall, Morgan presented the 2008 Innovation Award to Niall Devine at - a well deserved accolade. Following a tasty dinner, a sumptuous chocolate dessert and some coffee, yours truly decided to head home. Little did I know the night was only starting. Some tired heads in the office this morning suggest the residents' bar in the nearby Hilton Hotel proved a comfortable venue for night-cap (or 2). Some scenes from the evening are shown in the video below (no sound).

Fast in the slow down

Deloitte Fast 50 Winner iQ Content - the company for whom I work - was awarded 8th place in Deloitte's FAST 50 last night. This ranks us among the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Ireland, based on average percentage revenue growth over 5 years. Well done to Morgan (the boss) on getting this recognition.