The Age of Smart Content Management Dawns

The best sites know that high-quality, readable content is at the core of online success. Just consider all the recent talk about the importance of Content Marketing from organisations like Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Red Bull.

Yet, a core challenge remains. How to make sure everything that goes online meets minimum standards for readability, clarity & consistency?

While a site with low content volumes can rely on manual processes to review everything, there is no way this can be applied to a large-scale operation. The cost of staff and the complexity of administration simply spirals out of control.

Something new is needed.

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The Analytics of Web Governance

It is a mistake to think that the only things that can go wrong on a website are those that are easiest to measure.

While it is relatively easy to track the effects of poor design or content on online performance using web analytics - what about poor Web Governance? What if your site management is not up-to-the-job? How will you know?

As explained in this article, every Web Manager needs a new set of analytics to track the effects of governance on the quality of their site.

An image showing the 2 main categories of Governance analytics as explained below