Great websites have content that is easy to Find, Read, Understand and Action

It's nice for a website to look nice. But it's not that important.

What's important is whether your users can find, read and understand your content and complete actions easily.

That's it. Everything else is secondary.

Find, Read, Understand, Action

Can your users locate information and services or is it a constant guessing game? Good findability includes SEO, clear labelling, high scent-of-information, usable navigation, etc.

Can visitors engage with ease or is information shovelled online in dense clumps? Good readability includes clear information flow, good layout and white space, suitable fonts, etc.

Can readers absorb your messages first-time or are they full of obscure verbiage. Good understandability relies on plain language, no jargon or legalese, etc.

Can users complete tasks easily or are they faced with awkward interactions and errors. Good actionability has clear controls, clear trajectory, clear micro-content, etc.

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