Web traffic is a delayed signal - your site is already broken

It's always a mistake to track web performance based on traffic alone. It's perfectly possible to have high traffic, whilst suffering huge difficulties elsewhere, eg high cost, risky practices, etc.

Instead, you should measure performance across 3 broad categories:
  1. Online indicators
  2. Operational indicators
  3. Organisational indicators
Together they give you a much better idea of overall performance.

For example, online indicators measure your ability to meet the minimum expectations of your target web audience. Such indicators include:
  • Responsiveness - Does the site load quickly & consistently?
  • Content  - Is text relevant, readable, understandable & actionable?
  • Accessibility - How well can the site be used by people with disabilities?
  • Portability - How well can it be used on different devices (mobile, tablet, etc)?
  • Usability - Can it be used effectively with minimum effort/errors?
  • And many more...
On many sites, few (if any) of these indicators are tracked. Only when email complaints go up & traffic goes down, do they realise something is wrong.

That's why relying solely on web traffic or feedback for assessing online performance is such a bad idea. They are delayed signals. The site is already broken.

Happily, plenty of automated tools are available (a few of which we have) to keep an eye on things. These tools provide the immediate insight needed to maintain stability & intervene before web users start to rebel.


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