Obedienta Civium Urbis Felicitas A collage of photos of book shelves in Dublin City libraries"The obedience of the citizens leads to a happy city" So reads the motto of Dublin City. And now with their new website just launched, the city should be happier than normal! My colleagues and I in iQ Content have worked with Dublin City Council for the best part of a year to redevelop its public web presence. This involved a root-and-branch redesign as well as a significant reworking of content. For my own part I spent about 4 months onsite helping the web team to re-examine all their online messages. We then re-wrote many parts of it to ensure it would focus on the needs of citizens - not the preferences of internal departments. To a large extent we have been successful. While many challenges remain, there is no doubt the new site represents a transformational change on what was there before. Visit Dublin City Council's new website.


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