Second Life same as real life shock! A journo from ComputerWorld chose to hang out in SecondLife for a while just to see what all the hype is about. In particular he found that the 'islands' of major corporates such as IBM and Cisco were less like Ibiza, and more like that frequented by Mr. Crusoe. Basically, they were empty and almost devoid of information or services. "If some friendly and attractive avatar at the Cisco center had approached me and said, 'Yes, sir, how may I help you?' and then had given me useful answers to my typed in questions about training, employment opportunities or products, I would have fallen out of my chair with amazement and delight." Second Life: Is There Any There There?. ComputerWorld. November 2007. Sounds eerily like the early web. I guess any business thinking of starting up in 2nd Life had better make sure they are well resourced for the job!


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