"I am currently away from the office..."

To explain the lack of site updates, you should know that I am on extended leave. I will not return to the office until mid-September. In the meantime if you live in any of the following places, you may have already seen me as I passed through:

Holiday Reading
  • "Children of Men" by P.D.James. A good start but a poor end. The recent film adaptation is better.
  • "Homo Britannicus" by Chris Stringer. A somewhat plodding but nevertheless interesting history of human & proto-human habitation in Britain.
  • "My Life as a Fake" by Peter Carey. A dark and bitter story of schizophrenia and unintended outcomes.
  • "The Great War for Civilisation" by Robert Fisk. A lengthy but compelling insight into the horrors inflicted on the people of the Middle East by foreign powers and home-grown despots.
Holiday Listening


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