Chapter 2 (abridged) now available for free An image of the front cover of Chapter 2, Website MaintenanceIn my Xmas video I promised to make an abridged version of The Website Manager's Handbook available for free. As a first step, Chapter 2 Website Maintenance is now ready for download. Download Chapter 2: Website Maintenance (abridged) (pdf 570kb) So, why am I doing this? Well, I want to help Website Managers, Webmasters, Editors, etc. to improve the administration of their sites. To this end, I decided to make my advice and research into the core concepts of Website Management available to anyone who wants it. Of course in an effort to keep things short I have had to cut out a lot of detail, examples, illustrations and discussion. If after reading the free version you decide you want to learn more, you can buy the book to get a complete overview. Next up, Chapter 3 My next move will be to redo Chapter 3 Website Development. However, as that chapter is quite long, it may take some time for me to prepare. If necessary, I will publish it in sections depending on how busy I am. Following that I will be Chapter 4 Website Governance and finally Chapter 5 Website Infrastructure. As a rough guess, I hope to have it all done before the middle of this year. PS - Chapter 1: Website Management Model (pdf 34kb) is already available for download in its complete form. Other downloads are also available, e.g. table of contents.


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