"We don't get the web and we don't care" I am considering buying a car (since my bike has not turned up - see below). So one of the first things I do is to visit the websites of major insurers to see how much it'll cost me. During this research I try several online "Quote Calculators". All is well. Then I visit Axa Insurance, click 'Get Quote" see this message presented on a plain HTML page. "We continue to increase the numbers of people we insure in Ireland on a daily basis and we have found that we can best meet your needs by speaking with you directly and tailoring the cover and price that best suits you." Which translates as... "We couldn't really be bothered making it easy for you to get an online insurance quote. So, just give us a call and then we can do things just the way we prefer. Thanks!" Is this really how one of Europe's biggest insurers tries to attract customers online? Not only is it naive, it is ugly. It doesn't even have any of the branding stuff that marketers usually fret so much about. At first, I didn't read the text. I clicked 'back' because I thought it was a HTTP error message or something. I had to reclick 'Get Quote' 3 times to convince myself it was a real page. Unbelievable! Looks like they don't get the web as a means of doing business. And guess what? They don't get my business either.


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