New Web Governance partnership with Siteimprove.

About ten years ago I first came across a company called Siteimprove. As explained in a recent interview with Torben Rytt (CEO of Siteimprove USA), I was in a bit of a shemozzle at the time and his colleagues in Copenhagen had exactly the solution I needed.

Roll on to 2013 and Siteimprove is a now a leading vendor of the most essential tools of online management, such as QA checking, accessibility, analytics & more.

As such, I am proud (& a bit excited) to announce a new collaboration with Siteimprove for the provision of Web Governance services, including training, commentary and more.

Web Governance - it's so hot right now!

A screenshot of SiteimproveAs many of us know, the discipline of Web Governance is getting a LOT of interest right now. It seems as if its moment has finally arrived and the era of inattention is at an end.

By working in partnership, this new collaboration will deliver the insight and expertise that organisations need to cope with the challenges of digital governance. This includes:

  • Organising the many diverse activities of online management.
  • Creating robust & scalable systems needed for effective governance.
  • Using new analytics & data to get ever more from limited budgets. 

To kick things off, this week I spoke at the excellent HighEdWeb 2013 in Buffalo at Siteimprove's invitation to present my updated Web Governance Framework - of which more details below.

Some more speaking appearances are scheduled for the near future (London on October 15th/16th and Dublin on November 21st) as well as other initiatives.

About Siteimprove

Repeatedly named one of the 100 best companies to work for, Siteimprove provides organizations of all shapes and sizes with tools that make website management and maintenance easier and more affordable. Founded in Denmark in 2003, Siteimprove has a global presence with offices in the UK, US and Germany. Read more about Siteimprove.

Keep in touch

To find out more and keep in touch, look us up on Twitter.
This is me - @diffily - and this is Siteimprove - @siteimprove.

HighEdWeb 2013

This week I presented "A New Framework of Web Governance" for Siteimprove at HighEdWeb 2013. (Slideshare below.)

This framework encompasses everything you need to know about managing your website, intranet or other digital presence.

It shows that the basic elements of Web Governance are the same for every organisation (the same activities & the same resources), all that changes is the granularity & sophistication by which they are implemented.

Understanding this framework can give you the confidence you need to design a new configuration that suits your needs. Ultimately, this will lead to better decisions, better quality & better ROI in such critical areas as staffing, technology, budgeting & more.


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