Web Governance: We're all in this together

I first became aware of Siteimprove back in 2004. I had just been appointed Webmaster for a leading website and needed a bit of help to get Quality Assurance under control. Enter the chaps from Copenhagen who had exactly the tool I needed.

After that I always kept an interest in how things were going at Siteimprove. As such, I was delighted a few weeks ago to catch-up with Torben Rytt, CEO of Siteimprove's US operation.

With so many clients at the coalface of online, Torben's insight into current governance pressures & trends is second to none.

But putting techie issues aside, I began our chat by asking how a Danish guy like him could end up in the Mid-West of America..?

Read the latest Web Governance vendor interview with Siteimprove.


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