A free diagram of website governance

An image of the map of web governanceOver the past few years many of the long-standing issues of website development have been solved (or are at least being far better handled). This includes technology, design and content.
However, one area continues to be both little understood and extremely poorly implemented - Website Governance.
Website governance is a means for supervising the activities of website management in a controlled & orderly way.
Part of the problem is that lots of web managers simply don't know what they're supposed to be doing. My book tries to address this problem by listing everything you need to do and - critically - how to do it.
But the book is big and can be hard to digest.

Download a FREE diagram of web governance

To help you out, I have created a simple diagram that maps all the major areas of activity and key tasks within each.
It should help you both structure your work and communicate what it is a web manager/webmaster actually does.



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