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Myself and my brother have launched a website, 
The purpose of the site is to help people find a great place to live in Ireland - based on ratings and comments from the people who live there (or know it well). It has been live now for about 1 month and gone thru various refinements from user testing (!) since then.
So far over 170 places have been rated from hundreds more submissions and comments.
Part time project
This has been very much a part time project. We have been working on it over weekends & evenings since last July. I did the design, HTML and CSS. My bro did the client and server side scripting.
Some issues we are aware of:
  • It is not accessible.
  • It is a real code soup.
Unfortunately, both were unavoidable given the part time nature of our committment. However, we do have plans to clean things up in due course.
So have a look AND - most important - rate the place where you live!


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