Today I spent some time skimming through a book called 'Intranets - a guide to their design, implementation and management', lent to me by a colleague. I was happy to find several useful ideas in it that I can use in my daily work. What surprised me was that this book was published 'way back' in 2001 and so I had thought that much of it would be out-of-date. After all, intranets were quite new back then and we must have moved on in the meantime. Well, yes we have, but the manner it which this book so clearly described the reasons for which intranets should be built was quite refreshing. Perhaps rereading such 'original texts' at annual intervals would be a good idea in order to remind ourselves of the first principles that drive such developments. 'Intranets - a guide to their design, implementation and management' by Paul Blackmore. ISBN 0 85142 441 4.


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