World Usability Day Ireland: oversubscribed

We well surpassed our target yesterday. We set ourselves a provisional figure of 60 users. I think we got 90-odd in total.
As yesterday was Guinness World Records Day (as well as World Usability Day), I wonder if we could apply for an entry?

Our findings

It will take a while to collate everything we have learned. However, some things stand out loud and clear:
Aer Lingus: Very few people saw the 'Multicity' option on the homepage - probably because it is styled as a link. Change it to a radio-button to align it with the existing "One way" and "Return" options.
Bus Eireann: People were irritated at having to insert their departure date on the homepage and then AGAIN after clicking 'Go'. Ease the pain. Use a session cookie to carry the user's selection over from the homepage to avoid double data entry.
Irish Rail: Few people could find information about carrying bicycles on trains. And when they did, the instructions were in a PDF. Annoying! Not only that,  it was worded "Service that can accammadate bicycle transfers". Spel chequer anyone?
By fixing such simple things today, these companies could do a lot to increase Gross National Happiness.


Thanks to all who helped out and to the people who came along to support us.
The video below shows some of our final volunteers (and the clean-up that awaited us).


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