The day I met my client's clients' clients

A photo of Shane and some Ovis Aries in Dublin cityOn my way into a client meeting recently, I noticed that a rally was being held outside. 
My client is a major agricultural organisation and the rally comprised farmers from all around Ireland. In order to get media attention, they had taken some sheep with them into the city. The animals there corralled into pens outside the offices.
The rally was good-natured and so I decided to talk to the farmers. Given how much time I spend on Persona and User Analysis, I couldn't miss this chance. I approached a farmer, asked permission and was allowed to take some pictures.
As a result, I think I have gone further on this project than any other. I now have a profile of my client (the organisation), my client's clients (the farmers) and my client's clients' clients (the sheep). Can't get more thorough than that.


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