Some things simply don't make sense. Just look at all the hoopla and razzmatazz that greeted the launch of Internet Explorer v7 and Firefox v2—while the best browser on the market remains virtually ignored. Since I first used Opera back in 2000 (when an Irish language version of it was released), I have kept a close eye on its progress. Although I am obliged to use Internet Explorer for all my work related activity, about 6 months ago I switched to Opera for home browsing. Why? Well, it has a very attractive and intuitive interface, it is lightening fast, it follows W3C style rules, it allows me to easily check rendering on mobile devices and, finally, it is really simple to change configurations. Yet, obviously the market does not feel the same way. Opera remains virtually unknown among the general populace and is similarly ignored by most corporations. Indeed, I have just read some new research from Forrester Inc that suggests less then 0.4% of corporations have any Opera browsers in use! That is truly a shame. But maybe—just maybe—there is cause for hope. Given the rapid growth in handheld devices with web access and the fact that the Opera Mobile browser is just so damn good—perhaps, this excellent Norwegian product can succeed on phones where it is been sidelined on the desktop.


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