Fear of a Paddy H-Bomb? The logo of BBC Radio 4. Copyright BBC.Last night, I attended a live broadcast of the BBC Radio 4 programme "Any Questions" which was hosted in the National Gallery of Ireland. As the audience arrived, we were invited to submit questions for the panel. Guess what! My question was chosen as one of the 10 to be asked! However, as my question was allocated number 8, the programme ran out of time before it could be asked. Pity! (My question? It was "Given the recent vote in Westminister to renew the Trident missile system, and the desire of Iran and others to acquire nuclear weapons - is it time for Ireland to create its own nuclear deterrent?" Somewhat tongue in cheek, of course) Nevertheless, the show was very entertaining. It included Michael O'Leary of Ryanair and John Redwood of the Conservative Party. Michael of course was on top form and delivered some great one-liners. Indeed, the quality of debate from the British members of the panel highlighted to me gain just how poor the members of our parliament (Dáil Éireann) are at informed, intelligent discussion. One only has to compare the lively confrontations that occur during Prime Minister's Question Time in Westminister, with the agonising and miserable squabbling of Leinster House.


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